Alissa Harris

I love to celebrate the simple, positive, delightful, and magical moments in life and want to invite others to do the same; to take a moment and pause, be present, …

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Beth Gardner Featured Abstract Art

Beth Gardner

Beth Gardner is an abstract artist. She has been painting for about 10 years. Her first painting was one she decided to do for her own home. The joy of …

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Windmill Way

Rick Rasmussen

Rick Rasmussen is a lifelong native of Central Nebraska. He has been an avid nature and wildlife photographer since his early high school days. As a recipient of numerous awards, …

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Emily Heerten

A midwestern artist from north central Nebraska, Emily is K-12 art teacher in Burwell, Nebraska. She is a painter by trade with watercolor and acrylic paint her choice of mediums. …

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Lynette Fast Art

Lynette Fast

Creating is a passion Fast can not stop. Lynette’s mind obsessively seeks ideas and problem solving. Color, texture, and heavy pattern inspires her. The tactile experience of creating is invigorating …

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Desiree Christenson

Painting and crafting in her grandma’s sewing room is one of Desiree’s earliest and favorite memories. Following in her grandma’s and mother’s footsteps, Desiree has always been busy creating art. …

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Myranda McCauley

To make a pour painting I mix Floetrol and acrylic fluid paint and mix them together and then layer them in a cup. That cup of layered paint is then …

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Pam Apley

Pam has lived in Nebraska her whole life and although she presently lives in the city of Lincoln.  She draws much of her inspiration for her art from her love …

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Larry Allder

I made my first Crane Sculpture as a gift for my sister Kate. She lives in S.W. Montana and has a pair of cranes that arrive each spring to feed …

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Tanya Grosshans, artist

Tanya Grosshans

Tanya Grosshans is a small town Artist from Aurora, Nebraska. She is a wife, and mother to four wonderful children.  She uses acrylic in most of her creations on canvas, …

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