Alissa Harris

I love to celebrate the simple, positive, delightful, and magical moments in life and want to invite others to do the same; to take a moment and pause, be present, organize thoughts and priorities; and to step into a different realm where the possibilities are blooming and playfulness is key. 

To make these scenes, I start with an inspiration board, forming a general outline, and refer to this collection of images for guidance regarding color, shape, shading, positioning, and other elements of art. Mainly letting intuition take the lead as the work develops, I may use one medium or various materials such as paint, foils, glitter, 3D objects, and fabric until the piece is at a point where the changes or additions being made are so minute that another set of eyes wouldn’t notice the difference. By doing so observers can explore and linger in nature, ponder esoteric themes, admire powerful figures, flora, fauna, and mystical symbols.