Myranda McCauley

To make a pour painting I mix Floetrol and acrylic fluid paint and mix them together and then layer them in a cup. That cup of layered paint is then is literally poured on to a canvas. Once the paint is poured on the canvas you then tilt the canvas in various directions to get the desired “design.” String feathers and flowers, you start off by covering your canvas in a background color, I tend to work in white or black/indigo.

Once your canvas is covered you can then take a piece of yarn and either dip it in a single color (great for flowers) or you can place the yarn on a piece of parchment and apply paint to different sections to get more colors. Once your piece of yarn has paint on it you lay it on the wet background and pull it off. Really when it comes to pouring or creating feathers or even flowers the sky is the limit you are only capped by your imagination and the number of videos you have watched on YouTube for ideas. All are fairly easy they all just take a lot of paint and patience as they take a while to dry.