Cathy Kaufman

Pam Apley Art

One way or another my hands are often busy creating something…

It all started with my mom teaching me how to sew at the age of 7 on the farm in Gering, NE.
God gave me a passion and a gift to create beautiful things with fabric at an early age and it
remains even today. Some of the fabric tales I have woven are sewing my clothes through high
school and college. Continuing that when I had 3 daughters of my own. I’ve sewn everything
imaginable for them including, clothes, swimsuits, active sportswear, tutus, fancy dresses;
even a wedding dress and fur coat. Enjoyed being the Costume Director for 3 dance schools
for many years. In the 90’s when the Quilt Revolution hit, I created more quilts than I can
remember; including pillows, curtains and upholstery. Belonged to the local quilt guild for many
years. Attended as many retreats, conferences and sewing seminars as possible in the tri-state

I think God has always called me to do the things that really matter in each season of life. In the
last 3 years, I’ve been out of my comfort zone in the Art world. Still working with fabric, I’m
using my gift to not only bring visual enjoyment to others by creating collage fabric art but
passionate to teach it as well. In making my original collages, I use fused fabric appliqué to
create my images. Completed by thread painting on my quilt machine. As a Laura Heine
Certified Instructor, I teach several different workshops that don’t require sewing or knowledge
of fabric. My vision is to get others, especially kids, excited about “the works of our hands”.
Engage them to create something uniquely their own. I also have a heart to use my gift to help
those with struggle of all kinds…and to make others aware of them. I call those works my
“Collages for Causes”. Because Jesus turns my ashes into Art, I’m most passionate to share His Love wherever He
takes me…❤

Esther 4:14 – “Perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created.”