Robin Hurley

Robin Thomas Hurley is a native of Aurora, Nebraska.  She spent her junior and senior high years here graduating in 1976. After returning from UNL with a BS in Business, she lived in Aurora another 6 years starting her family before relocating for work to Highlands Ranch, Colorado.  After living a number of places over the years for her career in the corporate world, she returned to Highlands Ranch in 2007 and retired there 3 years ago.

Robin began fusing and slumping glass after retirement in 2020.  Her technique is to cut class into interesting designs, mostly abstract.  Once fused, the glass is then placed on a mold and fired in a kiln once more.  This results in a molded shape of a bowl, plate or other design that strikes her fancy.

She has a simple studio in her basement that allows for the of the creation of art pieces.  Firing in large kilns due to the size of some of the pieces requires a trip to a larger art glass studio.  Robin prefers to make usable art pieces but many have found homes as beautiful artwork for her friends and family.

Robin can be contacted at her business email: if you are interested in purchasing her artwork.