Melinda Leigh

Melinda Leigh, Lazy Stream

Hello, I’m Melinda Leigh! I love photography and shoot a wide range of subjects. Living in Nebraska my whole life, I’ve been able to see all the lovely nature that is our beautiful state. The majority of my work is self-initiated with the help of an Associate’s Degree in Photography. My focus is capturing images of nature to abstract art.

I find the most interesting shoot locations wherever I may go. I have done wedding photography, senior and family portraits in the past but still photography is my passion. I am currently a member of the Kearney Artist Guild. You can find me at Kearney’s Art in the Park, and on Facebook.

My photography is mostly shot digitally and I do some touch-ups and enhancements with Photoshop Elements. I have some photos that I shot using darkroom film and produced in a darkroom but are digital copies. Photos are on photo paper or canvas prints.


Melinda Leigh - Patriotic Porch