Blue Eyed Bootique

I started making jewelry about 12 years ago after a trip to NM and a strand of turquoise. I am making mixed media metal pieces that are all unique. I try not to make any two alike, so you have a true original piece.

My boot purses began about 6 years ago when someone asked about a blingy western looking purse in passing. I’m not the blingy type, but loved the idea of using upcycled cowboy boots. It’s not a new idea…I’ve seen it before, but I put my own twist on the design that does make it truly different and special. That began my journey with leather. My boot purses are made all by hand, not machine, with tools my Dad passed down to me. Each one is designed to be distinct, unique, and completely one-of-a kind.

I am making copper etchings by hand with rubber stamps or by hand, special ink, acid and liver of sulfur. I also have bottles wrapped with birch bark and/or recycled belts to be used as vases.

— Blue Eyed Bootique