Walt Thomas

I was born in Imperial, Nebraska. Raised on a family farm about five miles west of Lamar, Nebraska in Chase County. This gave me an appreciation of nature, and wide-open spaces. My art career began in kindergarten where my teachers gave me extra art assignments. At the time I didn’t know why, but years later I concluded that it was to give them a better idea of what I might be creating next in their classrooms. In my high school there were no art classes so I studied art by correspondence with Art Instruction, Inc. the folks who made the “Draw Me”; Girl so popular.

After graduating from high school in Venango, Nebraska I enrolled in Kearney State College where one of my art professor who shared his office. Others began to buy my work and I’ve been selling it ever since. Wanting more art training I transferred to the University of Denver where I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

I have created and sold art all over the world. I have been practicing for over 50 years to make a subtle, sublime and perfect picture for you. I believe the beauty of art must be subtle. Any great art has something new and different for you to discover in it each time you give it your full attention. Fine Art does not command our attention; it humbly offers us the opportunity to discover a beautiful harmony of nature with a little influence from a humble artist. I hope you find what you desire in my work. My paintings and Optillusions (an art technique that I developed in 2005) appear to change as you view them from different angles. The only moving part is you the viewer.

My photographic career began when, as Art Director of “Nashville Magazine”; I was not getting what I  wanted from our freelance photographers. So, I bought a camera and went to one of the best  photographers in town, Joe Bomar, and asked him to teach me how to use it. I’ve been taking professional photographs ever since. In 1980, I delivered a multi projector slide show to the Denver chapter of Mensa titled “A Left Brain, Right Brain Approach to Photography.” I enjoy teaching art classes with all different media, and skill levels in the same class at once. Yesterday is history.   Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift to you that is why it is called the present. You can only act NOW! I delight in capturing small pieces of the infinite “now” in my art, my gift to you. I often place subtleties in my art for you to discover later including optical illusions and subliminal elements.

We express our inner selves with the things we find beautiful and choose to have around us.
I am deeply touched and honored that you would choose to express yourself with my work.
Now, please discover the picture that I made just for you.