Tom Sullivan

Tom Sullivan Art

I was a late-bloomer to my creative side. In my mid-forties, I discovered art as a form of meditation – creating art had the ability to calm my mind. What began as drawing in pencil transformed into painting in ink wash on vintage paper, from 100-year-old sheet music to old books and maps. I love watching an image come to life on the page, as my emotions pour into the art, turning old pages that were laying in a basement or attic into a new and beautiful piece of art that evokes emotion.

I have several themes I continue to work around, such as dancers, musicians, anguished women and the female form. I find beauty in all of them, which is further enhanced by the black-and-white nature of my art, along with the print behind and underneath the image. Art is my quiet place; art is my passion; art fulfills me; art sustains me.