Tammy Sorensen

Working primarily in graphite and soft pastel mediums, I enjoy exploring nature and animal-related themes. I find my that my artwork is more engaging to me when I can strike a cord with everyday themes tinged with a bit of whimsy or light-heartedness.  More recently, I’ve been exploring what is possible in abstracting landscapes. I appreciate a bit of freedom from the more structured graphite works when I play with color, light and form with my pastels.  Both mediums create a happy balance that continues to keep me surprised and pleased with the outcomes.

I am a member of the Geneva Art Association and the Association of Nebraska Art Clubs. I enjoy participating in regional art shows as well as open and juried competitions and have won numerous awards over the years. I have done commissioned works for private collections and for select fundraisers. Although I have no formal art education, I have been fortunate to study with such artists as Dustin VanWechel, Larry Blovits, Lisa Ober and Patricia Scarborough.

Creating art is my downtime passion when I’m not working full-time as a Biological Sciences Technician and I’m fortunate to be able to share my gift.