Sarah Bailey

Sarah Is a Nebraska native with a passion for prairies and spending time outdoors. These interests developed alongside her passion for photography over 13 years ago. Sarah has lived in Aurora and worked for Prairie Plains Resource Institute for 9 years as the Greenhouse Manager and Naturalist Educator. She works on many different aspects of the organization’s mission from prairie restoration and land management work to coordinating the Youth Naturalist Program and other educational programs and events. Photography is also important in her work at Prairie Plains as it assists in educating others about prairies and restoration work and serves as a record for yearly and seasonal change on the prairie.

 Sarah often photographs landscapes, plants, plant communities and insects, though her work is not limited to these subjects. She works in both digital photography and film photography. This year, Sarah has been learning how to develop B&W film and make prints in the darkroom. She is excited about this hands-on process and the creativity it has sparked. Sarah is passionate about using art as a tool to help others connect to the natural world. She instructs local youth 4-H photography workshops and incorporates photography into naturalist programming on the job. She has found that nature photography and other art forms spark people’s interest in spending time outdoors, creating their own art. She hopes this will help foster a care, understanding and respect for prairies and other wild places.