Sara Wamsat

Unusual Art to Wear… Conversation pieces in the guise of functional object art… recycled, vintage constructions and paintings in wood, metal, and imagination

In my art I incorporate thought provoking detail and vivid layers of colors and emotion. My stylization lies somewhere within the parameters of surreal, fantasy, and trompe’ realism. The “form” of my collectible pieces often take on the guise of small altar pieces or retablos; with arches, pillars, shelves; a theatrical presentation of the subject using mixed media and recycled materials.

I’ve been a studio artist for over thirty years and have done custom faux finishing (interiors and furniture rehab) for over twenty years. Commissions have included murals of Nebraska landscapes, art quilts commemorating special events, still-lifes of collections (see Inside Box), custom faux painted rooms in homes all over the area, and furniture (see Edge of Time table).

Omaha Artists, Inc.