Lori Ziska


My name is Lori Ziska and the name of my business is “Assemblage by Lori Z”. I began making my assemblages about a year ago when I saw a few online. I was immediately drawn to the unique
technique of bonding interesting old “found” items together to create a one-of-a-kind assemblage.

Over the years I have always been attracted to the unusual little items I might come across while antiquing, junking or digging through left behind items in the barns and buildings on my farm. I collected and saved them because I knew they still had value. Finally, I had a use for all these treasures!

I typically use vintage or older used items for my assemblages which include but are not limited to tins, tools, clocks, jewelry, silverware, toys, buttons, game pieces, and more. The methods I use to assemble my creations vary. I use nuts and bolts, soldering, wire, screws, rivets and sometimes glue is needed for final details. Most of my assemblage are of people but I have also done animals, fairies and complete scenes that include the assemblage person in their element (examples: drummer with his drums, gardener in their flower garden with tools, fisherman in his boat, etc). I really enjoy using a wide variety of pieces to build each assemblage, so people can enjoy the whimsical personality of each one.