Kay Grimminger

I was an Art teacher in the Grand Island Public Schools for over 30 years. I finished my career in Grand Island coordinating the HAL Program.

I have a real passion for Creativity and the HAL program gave me an opportunity to investigate that part of the gifted spectrum.

I came to Jewelry and other fiber creations through garment making and quilting. I love Bead Embroidery and using my own ideas to construct my pieces. I have a real problem following directions and I always try to push the products to new heights.

As an Art teacher I know a lot about many mediums. I’m still trying to decide what I’m going to do when I grow up. I will bring lots of different pieces to provide choices for customers. I show my work at Studio K Art Gallery. Karen Neppl the new owner of the Gallery was one of my students. If you haven’t visited the Gallery in Grand Island, plan to visit soon.

— Kay Grimminger