Jana Van Housen

Jana Van Housen is an artist with roots in both Western and Eastern Nebraska.

At the age of 15 Jana won her first commission and that experience began her art career and fueled her passion to create exquisitely detailed still life paintings and colorful Nebraska landscapes. While never obtaining a formal art education Jana continues to educate herself by taking classes and workshops with peers and experts whose techniques mesh well with her abilities and level of talent. Jana currently owns and operates The Renaissance, a home studio in Aurora, Nebraska where she works in both portrait photography and studio fine art. Over the years her work in both photographic and fine art has been collected from coast to coast and abroad. Professional highlights include selection into the Nebraska Governor’s Exhibition, Lincoln, Nebraska, the Richard Schmid Fine Art Auction, Fort Collins, Colorado, membership in Nebraska Impact Artists and Signature Member of Artist of the Association of Nebraska Art Clubs (ANAC).

I am forever in search of the perfect composition ruled by the Golden Mean. Whether seeing it by chance in a natural setting or creating it in the studio I try to capture it for eternity.

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